Power Purchase Agreements

Do you have an empty roof space and spend more than $500 per quarter on electricity?
Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) are a great way for customers to reduce their electricity costs by going solar with no capital investment at all. They have become increasingly popular after companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google & Apple have invested into large-scale solar and wind energy development through Corporate PPA’s. 
Our PPA providers will fund, design, install, maintain, and guarantee the solar assets on your site and you only pay for the electricity you consume each month at a much cheaper price than traditional retailers will offer you. 
Network charges which are the cost of getting your electricity from a traditional power station can make up to 50% of your current energy bill, so by generating your electricity on site you can pay a much lower fixed rate for the electricity you use. 
After the agreement term ends and the PPA provider has made back their investment, they transfer the ownership and the landlord will receive the solar system at no cost at all. 

Commercial tenants – You’ll receive a cheaper fixed electricity rate, providing your landlord is happy to lease out their roof space and receive a free solar system at the end of the agreement term.

Commercial landlords – You’ll receive a free solar system at the end of the term and thankful tenants for you allowing them to have cheaper fixed rate electricity.

Owner Operators – You’ll receive both. Cheaper fixed rate electricity and a free solar system at the end of the agreement term.

- Permission is required from the property owner to use roof space.
- Tenants must have remaining rental tenure equal to half the agreement term (can include options to extend).
- Corporate customers must have been an active entity for 2 years or more.
- Customers must pass a credit check.
- Flexible agreement terms are between 5 and 25 years based on your preference.