Embedded Network Solutions

If you’re a property developer or strata corporation, an embedded network solution can be a great way to reduce costs of capital outlay for connection to services as well as achieving cost reductions for future tenants. 
Embedded networks are private networks that serve multiple premises by a parent connection to the National Electricity Market. These parent connections are set up most commonly at multi-tenant property such as apartment blocks, retirement villages, caravan parks and shopping centres and supply end connections to tenants each with their own meters.
Property developers or strata corporation can save costs by allowing the embedded networks providers to cover the costs of supplying and installing the meters, in return for having their energy supplied through that provider. Tenants can also achieve a more competitive rate as their electricity is effectively being supplied in bulk to the one parent connection which can lead to better pricing for all. 
Our commercial energy specialists can help you set up embedded electricity, gas & hot water networks to provide cost-effective options for your business.