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What we do

With the energy market being de-regulated now in many areas of Australia and a large range of providers and plans available, some customers are currently paying a lot more than they need to for their energy bills. 
Australian Bill Cutters provides a 100% free service to residential and business customers, Australia wide to help them find a better electricity and gas deal on the market today.

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100% Free service for customers


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Industry leading experts who can get you on a better deal when prices change


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How we help you

Energy retailers bring in customers in by offering high discounts or low rates, but it can be hard to always be on a great plan if the discounts are only for a short time and rates can change multiple times per year.
We have industry leading experts who can analyse your bill for you and compare multiple providers for you to show you deals based on your meter type and usage. By helping many customers, we can provide offers not always available to the general public. Not only can we look at cutting your current energy bill, but we can also keep you up to date when new offers become available in future that are specific to you.


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  • Is there any fees or charges at all for using ABC’s services to find a better deal?

    No, it is a 100% free service to customers.
  • Will my current supply for electricity or gas change?

    No. Your electricity and gas connection is supplied and maintained by your distributor so you are not changing the physical supply or disconnecting or re-connecting your electricity or gas. By changing retailers you are only changing your billing provider, so all that changes is your customer service provider and the discount and rates that you’ll be receiving for the same energy supply.
  • I am moving into a property or need an urgent connection, can I contact ABC to organisethis?

    Yes. As not all retailers offer an urgent or same day connection, please contact us to find an electricity or gas deal by a retailer that can offer this for you.
  • I’m on a contract with my current company, does this affect me?

    Most contracts through retailers now are open contracts which have no lock in or exit fees so you are still open to change at any time. If for any reason you have been advised you do have an exit fee, this will be considered in the comparison to make sure this is cost effective before going ahead.
  • Does ABC offer renewable or green energy plans?

    Yes. Most retailers will charge an additional cost or have varied rates for using green energy, so if this is your preference we can compare to find a green energy plan for you.

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